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Avalon Cream Kitchen

Avalon Cream Kitchen.

The Avalon Cream kitchen is very popular and reasonably representative of a number of wide frame shaker doors available. In this case, the door is a very economical vinyl veneer. There is now a myriad of doors made in this manner; offering vast choice at very reasonable money,

In Chard Somerset, we installed with a vinyl door frontage and high gloss laminate worktops. With the rigid cabinets, high gloss tops, a full set of appliances and various internal fittings this kitchen came to under £5,000 including vat. When fitting a sink into a laminate worktop especially when also in a corner as this one has to be very careful as to the proximity of nearest worktop joint.

It was a pleasure working in Chard for a change. I spent some of my younger years near a village outside Chard called Chaffcombe. I recall a steam engine shunting yard where I believe there are now a few of the shed outlets now.

Our fitter Simon Raymond carried out the kitchen installation as it was on his home doorstep.  As part of the work Simon replaced the flooring to a new Karndean floor finish. Electrical, plumbing and wall tiling were also involved; to complete the refurbishment of the kitchen as viewed here.

Only a small kitchen, but a kitchen none the less; somebody has their dream kitchen, a fresh start, a reboot as one calls it today. A quick simple kitchen that offers all the necessary and the building of the gas boiler as one can see to the left of the window. We often come across the need to build in wall mounted boilers. They are rarely a problem; just an adjust here and a bit bespoke there. We at Martha Mockford tend to see our work to be as much engineering as design and implementation.

You may see the kitchen drawings here.

You may see the kitchen specification here.