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Are you looking for new kitchen doors, new worktops perhaps a new sink? Your kitchen can probably be offered a new lease of life for a very reasonable price. No hidden extras, No hard sell; just we are here and it can be done.

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Martha Mockford – Affordable Design

A design has to be affordable; a design that is unaffordable is an aspiration. We all need our aspirations but they do not put food on the table.

I derive tremendous pleasure from what I do for a living. I solve problems; my solutions are kitchen designs. I own Martha Mockford; I run it from my workplace, not from the golf course. I offer solutions at under £10 thousand, I have done work in excess of £70 thousand; I do not mind. I enjoy designing, specifying, pricing  and implementing kitchens; it is what I do when not in my garden.

Here at Martha Mockford, we stand by our work. The use of this phrase comes from my agricultural background. At an auction the farmer will physically stand by his cow or tractor that he is selling; purchasers understand from this that the farmer has total faith in the item he is selling now and in the future.

I have total faith in the goods services we offer at Martha Mockford. We stand by our work; we are usually recommended by our clients to new clients.

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