Kitchen Refurbishments

Many clients are looking to refurbish their existing kitchens. Kitchen makeover may be what it is called these days on Twitter; a perfectly valid approach as far as I am concerned. Many kitchens that I see are often of an adequate design if not better; just the client does not like the doors or perhaps the worktop.

Changing the doors is easy with our range of kitchens as most of our doors can be made to the size you require to fit your kitchen. I tend to recommend selecting from our budget vinyl veneered range. This door type can be economically made to any size and the range is vast. There are twenty or so door shapes from Shaker to Slab and even Gothic; all with twenty or so colour finishes. Sometimes we change the hinges, though many these days are perfectly serviceable, second-time around. Often / usually we change the handles, but have refitted client’s handles, the choice is yours.

Select budget in our Door Range to the right, there is plenty of choices and these doors can make a very satisfactory refurbished kitchen without the vast expense. We can often be at your place fitting new doors within four weeks of order, all very simple, all pretty inexpensive.

Changing the worktops is regular work. I usually recommend new laminate tops. It is not worth the expense of putting granite or any other solid surface on an existing kitchen unless it is virtually new. When fitting new tops to a kitchen it is far better to change the tiles at the same time as this allows us to correctly seal the new tops to the wall. Nevertheless, the work can be done while keeping the tiles, just it is less likely that one attains such a good finish.

Changing the sink and tap is often carried out when one changes the worktops. Refitting an existing sink is not really the preferred. Sinks are fitted with various clips and seals that hold the sink in position. If these elements were fitted correctly in the first instance and they recover for reuse well then perhaps we can use your old sink. Generally, these elements are either not fitted correctly or do not recover easily making the sink difficult to fit and offer the standards we expect of ourselves. Have a new sink; it is really not worth doing without a new sink.

Changing drawer boxes is possible and sometimes desirable. Perhaps it may be that the cutlery drawer needs replacing, perhaps it may be the case that you want a couple of drawers taken out to form one new pan drawer; all is possible. The new drawers we provide are of course top specification full extension soft close drawers.

The whole shebang in one’s kitchen refurbishment aspirations one does need to draw the line somewhere. The more one does in a refurbishment job, the more it costs of course. A refurbished kitchen is a refurbished kitchen it is never a new kitchen. New kitchens with a new design are not necessarily expensive; I have done many for around the £10,000 area.

Select budget in our Door Range to the right of this page and have a look through. We have plenty of doors to choose from that can fit your kitchen easily. We will be adding details of worktops, sinks, and taps in the near future.