Martha Mockford

What makes Martha Mockford stand out from the rest?

Martha Mockford Ltd. is a design and manufacturing company that has been seamlessly providing domestic kitchens to clients throughout Devon, Somerset, Dorset, the South East of England and internationally since 1998.

There are very few if any independent kitchen companies like Martha Mockford. For instance, we have maintained all client records since 1998; we can and do support our clients for years after installation. There are many advantages in working with us, the least of which is the fact that we are here for the long haul for you the client; we are not a start-up or a flash in the pan.

We cater for all budgets. We have designed and installed works for blue chip managing directors locally and in London, we have solved and implemented Mrs. Smith’s budget kitchen in her retirement flat; Mr. Jones in his wheelchair can now use his oven and sink. Mr. Schmitz in Germany, fantastic. I drove to Bonne to check out the job prior to fitting; perfect! Have a look at our portfolio showing works that we have completed including the contract and pricing documentation.

With so many years of experience, the issues and items of management have been entirely ironed out to offer you the client a pleasurable and well-informed purchasing experience. Our presentations are fully specified and easy to read. We consider it paramount that you the client knows exactly what you will get and how much it will cost; before you commit.

Our workshops are in a very pleasant rural location; in fact part of the farm that was. We have extensive facilities including; joinery and panel processing machinery, along with a commercial spray booth. These facilities allow us to bring together your kitchen perfectly and deliver it on time without the hindrance of dubious supply chains.

We do not cater for clients who wish their hard earnt kitchen budget to be spent on staff away days, fast cars, expensive holidays and the like. With Martha Mockford your kitchen budget is spent on your kitchen; oh and yes then there is vat. Sorry about that, we do our best.

At Martha Mockford, our mantra is affordability while maintaining the highest quality standards of course. We keep our overheads down to the minimum to ensure that you the client receives the very best value. We do what we do because we enjoy it.

Come and enjoy your kitchen purchasing experience with us at Martha Mockford.