Our Kitchen Doors

What makes Martha Mockford’s kitchen doors stand out from the rest?

Having been designing and implementing kitchens for many years, we now have a very large range of door suppliers. We can put our hands easily on over 500 doors, there will be one at least that you will like the look of and the price of. All our door suppliers are continually tested for quality of workmanship and ability to supply us properly, on time and on target.

At the lower end of the range in terms of price we have foil and vinyl wrapped doors; we move up to timber doors, whether Oak, Maple, Ash, Walnut or pretty much any suitable species of timber. As one goes further into the range we then offer these timber doors, painted to many standard colours and then to any colour. We do not hand paint! To date I have never seen a hand painting system that lasts; we utilise paint that is more akin chemically to car body paint; we are looking for durability and longevity.

We also offer a range of more contemporary doors that are either mat or gloss painted over MDF. These doors are basically slab doors either to receive a handle or as often currently with a J groove to the top of the door as a finger pull.

Many of the doors we offer can be made to any reasonable size allowing us to design for you the perfect kitchen that actually fits your home without big wide fillers, gaps and wasted space. In some ranges, these bespoke doors take a little longer to arrive at our workshops but rarely are you inconvenienced waiting for a bespoke door to turn up. Our suppliers all know what they are doing and get stuff made and out of the door on time.

To the upper end of our range, we offer timber built in frame doors. As this type of door comes set in a frame that is mounted to the cabinet. This frame is in excess of the door itself and of course involves more joinery and craftsmanship to build. Though these doors are more expensive, they still represent good value, but may not be the way to go for the budget conscious.