Martha Mockford’s Cabinets

What makes Martha Mockford’s Cabinets stand out from the rest?

Martha Mockford’s Cabinets are of high-density Mfc that is glued and dowelled together. Kitchen cabinets come in many qualities. There are two main elements to cabinet quality; the cabinet board itself and the means by which the board is built up to a new kitchen.

Here at Martha Mockford all of our cabinets are built from high-density board selected from the Egger range of boards; many colours are available to suit your choice of door frontage. The physical weight of this board is probably twice of that of those boards used in most kitchens. The density of the cabinet board is paramount if you want your kitchen to last.

Have you ever tried to do joinery with Weetabix? Have you found that as your kitchen ages the hinges get loose and the doors drop out of alignment or even worse drop off? Have you found that the drawers do not run properly? What would one expect when the cabinet is made of board, that has the density of Weetabix? Low-density board as commonly used in kitchens and bedrooms is not dense enough to hold a screw or a fixing properly over time. A low-density board is a low-quality board, low quality is low value. Martha Mockford’s cabinets are of high-density Mfc.

Egger board is engineered to last; our board is made in their Hexham plant, one of the most advanced plants in Europe. With Egger high-density cabinet board our kitchen cabinets last the test of time. The screws and fixings we use stay-in-the-board, the doors stay adjusted, aligned and perfect as though it was fitted yesterday.

All panels are 18mm thick, unlike many kitchens which often use thinner materials such as an insubstantial slide in back to cabinets. The boards we use are colour selected from the Egger range to achieve as close a colour match to the doors you select. Martha Mockford’s cabinets are referred to as kitchen furniture and rightfully so.

Many manufacturers use a “cam and dowel” fixing system between the boards creating the basic box. These are basically home-use flat pack fittings, they are easy and cheap; they are not engineered to offer a rigid fixing with the same the cabinet to wanders and waves about in transit and while being fitted.

At Martha Mockford, our cabinet construction systems and have been developed over many years of listening to feedback from our clients and continual improvement. Today all our cabinets are 8mm drilled, beech dowelled together and glued with PVA. The cabinets are placed in a hydraulic press to ensure they are firm and well fixed and of course square and perp’. Our cabinets come to you fully rigid and finished ready to fit; they are not a flat pack assembled off site so that you believe you have a quality rigid cabinet construction.