Our Kitchen Cabinet Fittings

What makes Martha Mockford’s cabinet fittings stand out from the rest?

Here we use only Blum fittings. Blum is an Austrian company who have been developing cabinet fittings for many years and are world leaders in this technology, founded in 1952.

I believe that we are all used to the Blum soft close tandem drawer box; through the success of the Blum sales team, these boxes are pretty ubiquitous these days. They are not surpassed by any other drawer box in terms of quality. Despite this, they are affordable and have become the industry standard. In our standard build, we offer this Blum Tandem soft close drawer box. Unlike most manufacturers we also fit the proper Blum side panels to our pan drawer boxes, many leave you with the rail only at the side in the expectation that the pan handles will jump into the drawer properly of their own accord. I personally have never seen this happen, but evidently it is believed to happen by others.

To the door mounting, we utilise the Blum soft close hinge. This hinge allows us as manufacturers and our fitters to correctly adjust the doors so that they are properly aligned and close snugly to the cabinet. There is an adjustment on the hinge which allows the user to adjust the amount of soft close if required; some of the smaller doors need to be relaxed on the closure as otherwise they take an age to close and get in the way of the cook.

Internally we offer a very large range of fittings such as bin systems, pull out wire work, carousels, mixer lifts, ironing boards, slide out wine racks, slide out spice racks… the list is endless. These fittings are selected and offered on a quality basis. There are of course cheaper fittings that will last while the cheque clears, but they are not employed at Martha Mockford. Many of our internal fittings are even soft close these days as requested by clients.

Our cabinets stand on adjustable plastic legs, many cabinets do of course. When positioned correctly under the cabinets these legs should offer support to the side panel of the cabinet as opposed to the base panel. Our legs are all fitted properly, we know what we are doing we manufacture the stuff.