Venice Vinyl Contemporary Kitchen

Venice contemporary kitchen door

The Venice kitchen’s doors and drawers are a classic slab. To the edge there is a small pencil round rout to soften the edge, otherwise, the door is a flat slab. There are many of these slab doors available in fact too much choice.

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The Venice Vinyl Contemporary Kitchen is a vinyl veneered door frontage. The door is 18mm thick and is flat and featureless, it is a slab door by definition. The only detail is the pencil round edge. The lack of features makes the door easy to clean and contemporary in nature. This slab design is available from most of our suppliers in a vinyl finish as this. Bella Ba is willing to make this door to bespoke sizes with minimal extra cost, making the door very useful in refurbishing kitchens.

At Martha Mockford we refurbish kitchens all of the time. If your cabinets are fine and you are happy with the design of your current kitchen then a facelift with new doors can make a very refreshing change. Often but not always people have new tops. Not a problem, it is all quite quick and easy.




Coloured Vinyl Veneer Kitchen


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Dark, Light, Mid, White


Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, White

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Alabaster, Avola Cream, Avola Flint Grey, Black, Burnt Oak, Canadian Maple, Cashmere, Cream, Dakar, Dark Walnut, Dove Grey, Ivory, Light Walnut, Moldau Acacia, Mussel, Natural oak, Oakgrain Cream, Odessa Oak, Olive, Opengrain Dark Grey, Opengrain White, Pippy Oak, Porcelain, San Marino Rustic, Snow Larch, Sonoma Natural oak, Steinberg Beech, Stone Grey, Swiss Pear, Tiepolo Light Walnut, Vanilla, White

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Vinyl-Door-ColoursVenice contemporary vinyl Dark GreyVenice contemporary vinyl PorcelainVenice contemporary vinyl Snow larch