Shaker Vinyl Classic Kitchen

Shaker Classic kitchen door
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The Shaker is a vinyl veneered kitchen. The range includes single colours and wood grain patterns. The doors are shaker with a standard width frame, the drawers are planks as with many kitchens drawers are usually not detailed. As with many of the Bella kitchens, it is available in thirty-six vinyl colour options.

Available Colours

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The Shaker vinyl classic kitchen, in this case, is a standard width frame shaker; if you are looking for a wide frame shaker, view our Cambridge kitchen door. This shaker door has v joints to the frame reminiscent of the v grooves one gets in timber doors.

Vinyl veneering of kitchen doors is not the best system for bringing out the details of “joinery”. The vinyl is the thickness of a piece of card, it is elastic when warm but not infinitely flexible. With the same, there is a limit to the severity of a corner or groove it can mould too. If you are looking for a detailed though man-made door then have a look at foil veneered doors. The foil is thinner and moulds to far more detailed joinery.




Wood Grain Vinyl Veneer Kitchen


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Dark wood, Light wood, Natural oak


Blond Oak, Dark Oak, Mid oak

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Alabaster, Avola Cream, Avola Flint Grey, Black, Burnt Oak, Canadian Maple, Cashmere, Cream, Dakar, Dark Walnut, Dove Grey, Ivory, Light Walnut, Moldau Acacia, Mussel, Natural oak, Oakgrain Cream, Odessa Oak, Olive, Opengrain Dark Grey, Opengrain White, Pippy Oak, Porcelain, San Marino Rustic, Snow Larch, Sonoma Natural oak, Steinberg Beech, Stone Grey, Swiss Pear, Tiepolo Light Walnut, Vanilla, White

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Vinyl-Door-ColoursShaker Classic Painted White leadShaker Classic Painted Tuscan RedShaker Classic Painted Tropez Blue