Frame Kitchen Doors

Frame Kitchen Doors.

Frame kitchen doors are made from more than one piece of material, they are generally made of timber though sometimes of Mdf. Most commonly these kitchen doors are of four frame pieces with a centre panel which is often timber veneered. More work goes into making a frame door than a slab door; hence frame doors are likely to be more expensive than a slab door certainly when considering vinyl veneered slab doors.

As with slab kitchen doors, there are a number of materials from which frame doors are made. The top left door is Ash, with Maple to the right. The bottom left door is Oak and Walnut to the bottom right. Frame doors can be more economical when made of Mdf which is then wrapped or painted. Oak frame doors are bar far the most popular.

Frame Kitchen doors.

Virtually all flat centre panels are timber veneered, an engineered centre panel is more dimensionally stable than a solid centre panel. The Ash door top left and the Walnut door bottom right both have solid centre panels, you will note that these panels are raised. Solid centre panels will wax and wain as tree grown timber does and can cause the frame joints of the door to be stressed.

A frame door can be finished in a number of ways. Painted and distressed top left or just painted top right. The timber itself can be finished in an antiqued finish as seen bottom left; sometimes the timber is selected to show Knots and Pippy as seen bottom right.

Painted Kitchen door

Above all of the doors are referred to as Lay On doors. The doors themselves are hinged to the cabinet with soft close hinges as one would commonly see and one tends to expect. Nevertheless, frame doors are also available as front frame doors where the doors one actually uses is mounted in or on a frame which is in turn attached to the cabinet.

In Frame kitchen doors

Frame kitchen doors also come as In frame doors they have their frames mounted to the cabinet and the door itself is mounted to the frame. A number of hinge options are available including soft close, though soft close hinges are not the best for this type of construction. To the left, above we have an on frame kitchen door generally found in America, they are not common this side of the pond. This type of on frame door has been marketed by Winchmore in the past. To the right, we have a more common In frame kitchen door, which is gaining a lot of popularity certainly for those looking for something distinctive. We are able to offer a large array of these In Frame doors, they are specialist and will consume budget quite readily.

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