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Mornington Classic kitchen door

Mornington Painted Classic Kitchen

The Mornington painted classic kitchen has a traditional shaker door in solid timber over painted to one of twenty-four colours. as a traditional shaker it has a narrower frame than that of the Broadoak which is also from Second Nature.

Available Colours

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Product Description

The Mornington is described as a “timber” painted kitchen. Though not declared, it is very likely indeed that the timber is ash a very stable timber with a soft open grain texture. There are a number of painted structures available in our range; namely over painted foil, over painted vinyl, and painted Mdf. The painted timber kitchens are the more expensive of the structures, but you will not get the gentle nature of wood grain without using timber as the structure.

In this main picture, you can see the double oven. It is set slightly lower than standard, it would normally have a 570mm height door under the oven offering an oven height starting at 720mm over the floor. Here at Martha Mockford we often set ovens at heights particular to our clients. Though one day some years ago I had a bit of a problem with client partners who both cooked; one was a tad over five foot tall the other was well over six foot tall.







Door Type

Lay On

Colour Name

Alabaster, Almond, Chalk, Charcoal, China Blue, Copse Green, Cornflower, Cranberry, Damson, Flint Grey, Hartforth Blue, Ivory, Linen, Moleskin, Morris Blue, Parchment White, Partridge Grey, Porcelain, Sage Green, Slate, Stone, Suede, Trench Coat Grey, Willow

Price Group

Mid Budget



Door Name



Painted Timber Kitchen





Door Shape



Dark, Light, Mid


Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Red


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Mornington Classic  Colour Palette