Wakefield Painted Classic Kitchen

Wakefield Classic kitchen door

The Wakefield Painted Classic Kitchen is a traditional frame door with bead and flat centre panel. A very understated kitchen that is a pleasure to design for clients and I understand a pleasure to own. The Wakefield is part of the Kitchen Stori Essentials range. The Essentials Range is a price pointed range of kitchen doors, now available in this competitive marketplace.

Available Colours

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Product Description

The Wakefield painted kitchen is an ash door painted to any one of twenty-one colours. On the ash timber foundation, the paint finish gives a soft open grain texture, which is easy on the eye and easy to clean. Ash has pretty much become the timber of choice for painted kitchen doors. It is more economic than oak and comes from more sustainable forests. It is similarly stable to oak in engineering terms.

Timber whether ash, oak or any other timber is a live material; well it was. The issue really is that it is not full of man-made adhesives like chipboard orMdf. With a live material and more importantly one not full of stable adhesives one gets movement, or can get movement. In a painted timber door one can find “whisper lines” at the joints. these are otherwise known as cracks but are considered to be small and inconsequential. If you are worried about whisper lines then you may be better opting for a kitchen door that has slight v grooves at the joints. When a joint is v grooved on cannot see the effect of the movement in the paint finish.






Door Type

Lay On

Colour Name

Ballroom Blue, Biscuit, Cashmere, Cream, Dakkar, Dust Grey, Graphite, Lava, Light Blue, Light Grey, Mussel, Olive, Porcelain, Powder Blue, Sage Green, Soft Mint, Stone, Stone Grey, White, White Cotton

Price Group

Mid Budget



Door Name



Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Red, White




Painted Timber Kitchen



Door Shape



Dark, Light, Mid, White

Product Images

Kitchen Stori Classic Paint SwatchWakefield Classic Painted StoneWakefield Classic Painted Sage GreenWakefield Classic Painted Ivory

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