Slab Kitchen Doors

Slab Kitchen Doors.

Slab kitchen doors are any kitchen door that is made from one piece. Slab doors can be made from MDF or Chipboard; sometimes solid Acrylic. Slab doors are very stable and highly resistant to cracking, twisting or distorting. Slab doors are either finished with a Vinyl veneer or a timber veneer. In the case of  acrylic doors, these are through solid and are often polished and burnished to a high gloss.

Timber veneered kitchen doors can be veneered in may different species of timber. They can be vertically or horizontally laid veneer; they can be both or even be inlaid. Many effects can be achieved with a timber veneered kitchen door. The outcome is pretty much always contemporary, timber veneered doors are more expensive than Vinyl Veneered doors.

Slab Kitchen doors.

Vinyl Veneered kitchen doors are entirely machine made; they are economic and easily made to any size. These kitchen doors can be veneered in a huge array of vinyl finishes they can also be given shape. Varying the shape and vinyl of the door will offer very different outcomes. Contemporary and Classic looks can be achieved. The vinyl can be in a wood grain, it can be a single colour; either high gloss or matt; it all depends on the options you select.

Slab kitchen doors.

More recently Acrylic kitchen doors have been developed. These kitchen doors are of a solid acrylic material. Acrylic doors can be refinished if they are damaged. Acrylic doors are not budget doors as the acrylic itself is not cheap. Those looking for a highly contemporary finish that is very durable, then this kitchen door type is certainly worth consideration.

Slab kitchen doors.

Slab kitchen doors are many and varied. They can look exquisite when timber veneered. They can be very economic when vinyl veneered. They can be extremely durable and repairable when in acrylic. As a generality, slab kitchen doors will tend to offer a more contemporary finish than a frame kitchen door. Of course, I have to add that all of these slab door kitchens are available from Martha Mockford.

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