Georgia Painted Contemporary Kitchen

Georgia contemporary kitchen door

The Georgia Painted Contemporary Kitchen is a smooth finished Mdf wide frame Shaker. As with many Mdf painted kitchen doors this Georgia is painted to a flat matt finish. The finish of this door enhances the contemporary nature of this Mdf shaker door.

Available Colours

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Product Description

The Georgia painted Shaker kitchen is a Mdf kitchen door painted to any one of twenty-one colours. On the Mdf foundation, the paint finish gives a flat matt texture, which is quite contemporary and easy to clean.  As a matt finish, it does not show the finger marks that gloss kitchens are accused of. The Georgia kitchen is very much where it is at if you are looking for a synergy between contemporary and classic. The Madison from Kitchen Stori offers a wide frame shaker with an ash grain finish, this Georgia is the same door with a flat finish.

When designing a kitchen one needs to consider the fixed criteria and then go from there. Fixed criteria include the dimensions of the of the room, the appliances required, and any particular needs / wishes of the client. Once these factors have been considered, and the book “The dark art of kitchen design.”  has been consulted, the best design will come easily to the fore. Ok twenty-five years of design experience does make it easier.






Door Type

Lay On

Colour Name

Ballroom Blue, Biscuit, Cashmere, Cream, Dakkar, Dust Grey, Graphite, Lava, Light Blue, Light Grey, Mussel, Olive, Porcelain, Powder Blue, Sage Green, Soft Mint, Stone, Stone Grey, White, White Cotton

Price Group

Mid Budget



Door Name



Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Red, White




Painted Kitchen



Door Shape



Dark, Light, Mid, White

Product Images

Kitchen Stori Classic Paint SwatchGeorgia contemporary Painted Light GreyGeorgia contemporary Painted Porcelain & Stone

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