Kemble Painted Classic Kitchen

Kemble Classic kitchen door

The Kemble painted kitchen is a classic. The center panel to this door is slightly grooved to offer a TG&V look to the panel. This kitchen is available in any of twenty-five soft colours, the ash timber gives a lovely grain texture.


Available Colours

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Product Description

The Kemble kitchen is an ash painted kitchen that is made in Coventry. The door frame is a traditional width and has a chamfered bead to the center panel. As mentioned this center panel is grooved vertically, this grooving gives the kitchen a uniquely cottage feel to it. The matching accessories available for this kitchen are numerous; they include curved doors, spice drawers, glazed doors and many other features.

When choosing a knob or handle for your kitchen there are a few factors that should be taken into account. The width of the frame area or part of the door you intend to place the handle is a strong influence. If one places a big handle or knob on a narrow frame door the frame will be over dominated with the piece. One also needs to reflect on one’s grip, not everyone’s hands are that of a teenager. Dishwashers can be difficult to open with a small knob.






Door Type

Lay On

Colour Name

Alabaster, Bone, Cashmere, Cement, Chalk, Charcoal, Cornflower, French Grey, Goosberry, Gravel, Hessian, Ivory, Jute, Lead, Mink, Mussel, Old Navy, Pewter, Putty, Sage Green, Seal Grey, Slate, Soft Grey, Soft Moss, White

Price Group

Mid Budget



Door Name



Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, White




Painted Timber Kitchen



Door Shape



Dark, Light, Mid, White

Product Images

Burbidge Classic Colour paletteKemble Classic matt ChalkKemble Classic matt French GreyKemble Classic matt Old Navy

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