Lansdowne Painted Classic Kitchen

Lansdowne Classic kitchen door

The Lansdowne shaker kitchen is a mainstay of the Burbidge range of painted and timber kitchens. It is a wide frame shaker ash kitchen painted to any of twenty-five colours. The Lansdowne has been available for ten or so years, I would expect it to remain available for ten years to come yet.


Available Colours

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Product Description

The Lansdowne is a wide frame shaker kitchen. The distinctive feature of this particular shaker kitchen is that the doors have flat joints to the frame when many wide frame shakers have V joints. When this detail is pointed out to clients I often find the clients will select this door with the flat joints as opposed to the slightly lesser priced doors with v joints. The range comes in twenty-five colours and two Oak finishes namely Natural oak and washed oak.

Timber kitchen doors are often made with v joints to the frame. The issue is that timber is a live natural material and so has inbuilt instability. If painted one can find the door develops minor cracks to the joints. This slight cracking of the paint is caused by the door waxing and waning in the differing temperatures and moisture contents in the room. These cracks are called euphemistically as “whisper lines”, they are not a fault in the door. If a door is produced with v joints then this whisper line will occur in the base of the v and not be visible.






Door Type

Lay On

Colour Name

Alabaster, Bone, Cashmere, Cement, Chalk, Charcoal, Cornflower, French Grey, Goosberry, Gravel, Hessian, Ivory, Jute, Lead, Mink, Mussel, Old Navy, Pewter, Putty, Sage Green, Seal Grey, Slate, Soft Grey, Soft Moss, White

Price Group

Mid Budget



Door Name



Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, White




Painted Timber Kitchen



Door Shape



Dark, Light, Mid, White

Product Images

Burbidge Classic Colour paletteLansdowne Classic matt PorcelainLansdowne Classic matt SageLansdowne Classic matt Chalk

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