Tavola Painted Contemporary Kitchen

Tavola contemporary kitchen door

The Tavola Painted Contemporary Kitchen is one of a kind. The kitchen doors are timber veneered and then sprayed to colour. This offers the luxury of a real timber grain texture to a painted highly contemporary slab kitchen door. As far as I am aware one of the very few kitchens available in this specification.

Available Colours

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Product Description

The Tavola is a timber veneered kitchen available in a range of matt colours and in fact a number of wood stains.  Painting over a wood veneer may not make entire sense to some; nevertheless, the only way to get the texture of a real wood grain is to have a real wood grain. As a horizontally laid grain, the texture enhances a long linear feel to the kitchen.

Timber veneered kitchen are or certainly can be exquisite. The generally available timber veneered kitchen is referred to as post lipped. One cuts a sheet of veneered timber to size and edges it with a material. This material is called lipping, it lips the door. Lipping has a thickness, and one can see this thickness in elevation. Correct furniture joinery requires post lipped veneered doors. One cuts a sheet of Mdf to size, one lips it with a timber lipping, one then veneers the whole assembly. The veneer runs out over the lipping, one cannot see the lipping in elevation.The outcome is expensive but unbeatable. Done that, been there, great fun; the main thing is client happy.







Door Type

Lay On

Colour Name

Ballroom Blue, Biscuit, Cashmere, Cream, Dakkar, Dust Grey, Graphite, Lava, Light Blue, Light Grey, Mussel, Olive, Porcelain, Powder Blue, Sage Green, Soft Mint, Stone, Stone Grey, White, White Cotton

Price Group

Mid Budget



Door Name



Black, Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Red, White




Painted Veneer Kitchen



Door Shape



Dark, Light, Mid, White

Product Images

Kitchen Stori Classic Paint Swatch

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